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Grouped by project functionality, these are a few of the more interesting cases and software projects that Insyst successfully closed, highlighting our expertise and solutions.

  • Multimedia

    The iVote site is a dedicated polling & voting platform; users can vote on and discuss a huge variety of topics, as well as create their own polls, invite in-site and outside friends to participate. Community-focused and community-driven, iVote has its finger on the pulse of Taiwan.

    iVote Polling Engine
  • ABN Amro


    ABN Amro
    Shop & Dine Credit Card
  • Visa

    Visa used the site to get users to exchange receipts for points and gifts, then we mined and analyzed the data for trends.

    Visa DebitCard
  • ZeroOne

    Member Rewards platform with member management, product management, promotions & bonus points, gift items, elite lists, integrated front & backends, systems integration to backoffice ERP system.

    Rewards Platform
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