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What's the concept behind the current design of the site?

    There are several pieces to this:

  • We were bored with the previous design and thought it was time for a change.

  • Sunil's first exposure to computers was through games like Atari's classic 1972 Pong and 1976 Breakout, Nintendo's 1980 Game & Watch, Taito's 1980 Space Invaders and Namco's 1980 PacMan, and Nintendo's 1981 Donkey Kong & 1983 Mario Bros.

    Sunil of course instantly made a career choice [playing with computers!] By today's standards, those games had ridiculously clunky resolutions, but were cutting edge technology at the time, were massively popular, and amazingly fun to play. So we decided to combine today's cutting edge technology with a totally "retro" pixelated look & feel. Short answer: because we think it's hilarious!

  • Sunil has been playing football since he was a kid. The hexagon design began with the exploded pattern on a football

  • Once we had the hexagon base, the honeycomb was the natural way to stack them up.

  • Once we had the honeycomb, the bee became the logical mascot

  • And we just ran with it!

Why should we let Insyst build our systems?

We care about your ideas and opinions, and understand that your needs change over time. we have enormous experience and expertise, always try to put ourselves in your position, and will support you forever.

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