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Custom Business Applications  top

This is our most common type of project. In short, we focus on the requirements of your business processes, and design and build web-based or desktop-based software to assist, support, analyze, and improve it.

We have successfully completed countless projects of this nature, ranging from eCommerce, hotel booking systems, product launches, events and marketing campaigns, membership & points redemption systems, etc., from end-to-end business platforms down to add-on modular functionality into existing systems.


Corporate Websites  top

We believe that it's critical for every business, large and small, to have a corporate website, to leverage the power of the Internet to attract and retain millions of potential customers.

A business's corporate identity & branding and its web presence go hand-in-hand. The infinite benefits of a strong, beautifully designed, and functional website cannot be ignored.


Databases  top

Databases are extremely efficient systems designed to store and retrieve data. The architecture of every database is different, depending on its usage and content. Insyst has designed and implemented literally hundreds of databases.

The key to databases is the user interface, which analyzes and compiles raw data into actionable information.


Extranets  top

Suppliers, dealers, subsidiaries, partners, agents, and customers, form a chain linked together for the sole purpose of doing business. In this day and age, if you can link the players in the chain to your internal business process efficiently, you have a great advantage over your competitors.

ExtraNets are websites that do exactly that, allowing authorized people to efficiently access the information they need from your company such as pricing, order status, shipment information, etc, and to enter data directly into your back office such as product orders, invoices, shipping status, etc.

This interchange of data can be executed using web-based forms, electronic data interchange [EDI], database-to-database synchronization, or XML services.


IntraNets  top

IntraNets are a collection of software applications inside a company, which allows employees with varying levels of permissions to do their jobs, accessing and using the company's business processes, message systems, knowledge bases, document and file shares, etc.


KnowledgeBases  top

A KnowledgeBase is a searchable database that the company uses to build up, store, and share its invaluable corporate experience and knowledge. They includes training systems.


eOffices  top

Paperless offices are internal applications that shift paperwork and workflows into databases. They can store everything from performance reviews to HR forms into databases. As an added bonus, companies can save space & money on filing cabinets!


CRM Systems  top

Customer Relationship Management platforms include such features as cross-selling recommendation engines, best-customer analysis, marketing campaigns, customer service improvement, etc.

CRM is used to implement, track, and analyze campaigns dealing with
- New Customer Acquisition
- Existing Customer Retention
- Customer Profitability or Customer Extension
- Customer Service
- Data Mining & Analysis


Logistics, Supply Chain Management (SCM), ERP, HR systems  top

We have 7 years of experience working with a leading freight-forwarder in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, 10 years with a leading trading company, 3 years with a logistics and transportation company.

We also have worked for the last 10 years with Adecco, the world’s largest HR corporation.


SI, EIP, and EAI Systems  top

Systems Integration, Enterprise Information Portals, and Enterprise Application Integration are the most difficult projects we do.

Systems Integration means designing and building a single interface that allows your users to view and manipulate data from completely separate systems.

For example, you may have an inventory system [running on Oracle & Sun Solaris], and want to combine that information with sales records [running on SQL & Windows], and the customer database [running on IBM DB2 & AS/400]. Actually, this was a real project we did a couple of years ago.

EAI and EIP systems combine everything above into one giant application.

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