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While Insyst normally provides some or all of the following as part of the scope of the implementation of a normal project, we can also provide them as discrete services [for example, if you already have an implementation team, but need us to manage the project]. Of course, we can do the implementation too if you want us to!


Technology Consulting  top

Systems consulting, office network setup, etc.

Say for example that you want to set up a branch office. We can come in and tell you the best way to set up your networks, how to implement security against viruses and hackers, etc.

Another example would be if you wanted us to come in and analyze your existing systems and make recommendations on how to improve them.


Requirements Analysis & Documentation  top

Conducting and collating user requirements interviews, specifications documents, etc.

Many of our clients or their IT teams have a fuzzy idea of what they want, but are not sure how to proceed from there. We can help you explore your needs and wants, interview key users in the company, survey end-users, etc. Working together with you, we produce formal requirements specifications and functional specifications documents, which give you a clear path-to-completion.

These documents are especially critical if you want to open the project to bidding vendors for the actual implementation.


Project Management  top

Insyst uses PMI-certified methodology and Test-Driven Development [TDD] .

If you have a mission-critical project that simply must succeed, we can come in and manage the implementing vendor on your behalf.

Acting as members of your company, we use PMI [Project Management Institute] certified methodologies to ensure that your project gets delivered on-time, on-budget.


Search Engine Optimization [SEO]  top

Search Engine Optimization is a very complex issue, dealing with how to get best the best page ranking on sites such as Google & Yahoo.


Marketing Event Planning & Execution  top

We’ve helped our clients plan and run entire online and offline campaigns end-to-end, including creating [and appearing in!] tv advertisements, print ads, online banners, cross-site promotion, target audience analysis & identification, behavior tracking, return on investment analysis, etc.


Media Planning & Purchasing  top

Maximizing exposure with minimum cost per acquisition,
we’ve worked with global companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BBDO, O2, etc

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