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Delivery is the most delicate stage, because we need to implement our new modules into the live server environment. After carefully integrating the changes, we re-test the entire platform. After the client confirms that everything works properly, the project is formally concluded.


eDM / Newsletter Management System  top

We have developed an email bulk-mailing system, suitable for sending out brochures, eDM, advertisements, newsletters, coupons, notifications, marketing campaigns, etc.

Modules include
- mass mailing [real-world tested up to 250,000 emails at once]
- member import/export
- customizable lists & groups
- scheduled sends
- dynamic content
- content personalization
- tracking reports on open rates, click throughs, etc
- bounce tracking


Timesheet / Project Management  top

We created an in-house planning & cost analysis application so that we could accurately track project costs. It grew into a high-level, strategic, knowledgebase and project management and analysis tool.

More and more of our clients are realizing just how useful this application is!

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